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damascus steel torque band

damascus steel torque band

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the damascus steel torque band is made from stainless steel twist damascus steel. the damascus steel used is made in USA. it is cut from raw rod stock, sized, beveled and finished by hand. we put a high gloss finish on it. 

damascus steel is known as king's steel. it is made by forging multiple layers of steel together making extremely durable, dense and strong. only royalty could afford to have their swords made of damascus steel. because. of the added strength of multiple layers forged together, the swords were lighter and easier to swing, making them nimble and effective. 


One of A Kind Craftmanship

Many of our rings are completely one of a kind. We craft our designs in the USA. No bulk factories overseas. We design and make them to order. So everything we craft, is one of a kind, made and crafted by Apex Bands. 

Crafting Timeline

All of our ring designs are designed right here in the USA. Most of our rings are handcrafted to order! Please be patient. Depending on our volume of orders and our production we estimate your ring will be ready to ship in 1-3 weeks. Reach out to us if you have a concern


A Yearlong Oath

With Apex Bands, quality is a pledge. Our 12-month warranty covers repairs, and refinishing. Should your ring need care, our dedicated team stands ready to honor this promise.

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  • Crafted With Precision

    Every ring we design, make and ship is made with precision, attention to detail and with unique materials.

  • USA Made

    This isn't off the shelf stuff, we utilize cutting edge materials, exotic metals and even classics to make your ring, a killer ring.

  • Artistry

    We may be a little camera shy, but we are artists of the circle, professors of pi, reinventors of the wheel. Artists thru and thru

Crafted To Be Unique

Each ring is crafted right here in the USA by an artisan with a decade of ring making experience with precious metals, exotic metals, carbon fiber and other composites and so many other raw materials. We are honored to have our passion worn proudly by you