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Crafted By Composite Artisans

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What is forged carbon fiber?

Forged carbon fiber is a unique, lightweight, durable carbon fiber that was pioneered by Lamborghini. As jewelry, it is extremely lightweight, durable and is hypoallergenic.

What makes them glow?

The glow is a luminescent pigment of strontium aliuminate. It is the same as the glow found in emergency lighting, diving watches, and more. We found a way to put more glow into our rings than just about anyone else, resulting in a super intense glow that can last up to 8 hours.

How does the glow work?

Simply walk into the sunlight for about 15 seconds or 30 seconds if it's cloudy. The sun's uv rays will charge up the ring. You can also use a black light (UV light) or bright leds too.

Do you really craft them?

These are shipped off a shelf, we craft each one right here in the USA

Are they comfort fit?

The inside is comfort fit which means rounded to fit the curve between the pad of your finger and the palm of your hand. The exterior is a rounded chamfer or rounded bevel. It's beveled but after polishing, the harsh corners turn into smooth bevels.


We only make and sell rings that will last!