Authentic Craftmanship

We craft each ring with authentic raw materials. It's the real deal, no corner cutting, made to order, crafted for you. We're not pulling a ring off the shelf with a huge mark up. We're crafting your ring to be perfect, to tell your story and to be something you'll be proud to own. 

Carbon Fiber

Our carbon fiber is real carbon fiber. It is hypoallergenic, extremely lightweight and very durable. We don't use fiberglass filler or anything that cuts corners. The rings are handcrafted out of real carbon fiber. 

Real Gold, Silver and Precious Metals

Each ring made with precious metals is made with solid gold, silver, palladium, platinum and more! We don't plate anything. 


Our lume that we use in our rings is the same lume that is found in most high end watches on the market today. We just use a ton of it to make our rings glow bright. 


The wood in our rings is long lasting wood that has gone through a proper stabilizing process to last. In addition, we bond the wood to carbon fiber to make sure the wood rings last longer than anyone else's wood jewelry. 


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