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Tungsten Jewelry

Tungsten Carbide Rings. Tungsten Rings are super durable, scratch resistant and hypoallergenic. Tungsten has almost the same weight as gold so these rings feel solid. 

Tungsten Rings

We love tungsten jewerly. Tungsten rings are durable, scratch resistant and look incredible. Tungsten has almost the same weight as gold but is much more affordable. Tungsten rings have a beautiful medium gray appearance. Tungsten Jewelry is also hypoallergenic. People with metal allergies can wear tungsten rings without a problem. We make tungsten rings that are unique with a variety of inlay materials like meteorite, strontium aluminate glow crystals, sterling silver, brilliant opal, turquoise and

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    We don't just make rings, we have a decade of ring making experience using some of the most unique raw materials available. Real Rings Without Short Cuts.

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    We want our rings to be a part of your story. We want you to brag about the killer ring you just got.

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    We use authentic real materials to make each ring. Our carbon fiber doesn't use fiberglass fill, our wood isn't synthetic, we use solid gold instead of plated gold. It's the real deal, always!