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The Solar Flare

The Solar Flare

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The Solar Flare Ring is a mix of fire red and McLaren orange and a dash of 24K gold flake inlaid into black ceramic.

About Our Lume


Our Luminescent composites are completely safe to wear. The lume composite is crafted in the United States using strontium aluminate glow crystals and hypoallergenic epoxy. The glow crystals are the same used in most lume watch dials, the stars on children's ceilings and also emergency lighting in public transit. We just use a heck of a lot more of it than they do so our lume glows significantly brighter. 


The Luminescent Composite charges in only seconds in the sunlight. A Full charge is achieved with less than 30 seconds of sunlight. The glow lasts up to 8 hours depending on color and the darkness of your environment. The darker the room, the brighter, more intense and more striking the glow effect becomes. The glow will recharge over and over and over for decades.

Brightness and Duration

Green is the brightest. Lasting up to 10 hours. Aqua is a close second, lasting 8 hours. Blue lasts 6 hours. Purple lasts 3-4 hours. White lasts up to 2 hours. Orange, Red and Magenta last 45-60 minutes. 

If you have any questions about the lume, please contact us. 

Crafting Timeline

All of our ring designs are designed right here in the USA. Most of our rings are handcrafted to order! Please be patient. Depending on our volume of orders and our production we estimate your ring will be ready to ship in 1-3 weeks. Reach out to us if you have a concern


A Yearlong Oath

With Apex Bands, quality is a pledge. Our 12-month warranty covers repairs, and refinishing. Should your ring need care, our dedicated team stands ready to honor this promise.

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Customer Reviews

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Cory Jenkins
Beautiful Ring

The ring is amazing, the sizing is perfect. The entire ordering and delivery process would make me hesitate to order anything else. I ultimately had to express my frustration and disappointment through several emails and social media platforms before they finally delivered my ring. I ordered the ring February 15th and received it on March 28th. The website said 5-8 day delivery not six weeks. I received a plausible excuse after my first inquiry about two weeks after I placed the order. T
After the the communication was only from me to them with no responses. Now I get lots of adds and offers but no assurance that they can deliver the ring without me having to badger them.

  • Crafted With Precision

    Every ring we design, make and ship is made with precision, attention to detail and with unique materials.


    This isn't off the shelf stuff, we utilize cutting edge materials, exotic metals and even classics to make your ring, a killer ring.

  • Artistry

    We may be a little camera shy, but we are artists of the circle, professors of pi, reinventors of the wheel. Artists thru and thru